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Jim Hart - Boston Beaneaters

Jim Hart – Boston Beaneaters

The Beaneaters (now the Atlanta Braves) were able to significantly improve the team in 1889. They brought in a new manager, Jim Hart, and finished 2nd, one game behind. They had 83-45 record.

They actually intended to continue to allow “Honest” John Morrill to hold onto the manager’s slot. He, however, did himself in right before the start of the season. He was a player manager and pretty popular with the fans in Boston. As a player, he was on the decline and only batted .198 the year before. He didn’t endear himself with the owners and demanded a raise in 1889.

The owners, the Triumvirs signed him, but trouble was on the horizon. During the preseason, they had a Fast Day exhibition game. The Triumvirs asked King Kelly to captain the Beaneaters and Morrill to captain the “picked nine” of some local players. He was offended and refused to do it.

The next day, the Triumvirs shipped him off to Washington and brought on Jim Hart to manage. It actually turned out to be a great move.