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Dale Murphy

Dale Murphy

The June 5. 1974 draft produces just 725 picks‚ the fewest in history‚ and only 300 of these are from the college ranks‚ with the low number blamed on the introduction of aluminum bats this past season.

In the 1st round, with the 5th pick‚ the Braves select Dale Murphy. It is hard to know if they had a clue about the talent they just brought on board. Probably not. What a great pick it ended up being though.

The Padres‚ with their 3rd number-one free-agent pick in 5 years‚ select Brown University SS Bill Almon‚ the TSN College Player of the Year. They had selected him 3 years earlier out of high school‚ but he attended college instead. The Rangers take P Tommy Boggs with the 2nd pick and the Phils follow with prep OF Lonnie Smith. The Angels‚ picking 10th take the ill-fated Mike Miley‚ who quarterbacked LSU to a win in the Orange Bowl. the Tigers take Lance Parrish with the 16th pick‚ the Royals pick prep football star Willie Wilson with the 18th‚ and the Red Sox‚ picking 20th‚ take SS Eddie Ford‚ son of Whitey Ford. Picking next‚ the Dodgers get Rick Sutcliffe.

The Orioles‚ with the 24th pick in round 1 pick Rich Dauer‚ the top player for USC’s championship team; 4 of their other picks will end up in the NFL (QB’s Andy Johnson‚ Steve Bartkowski‚ and John Sciarra‚ and Anthony Davis). The Cards use a pick on the NFL Giants Brad Van Pelt‚ the 5th time he’s been selected. The Twins pick up prep C Butch Wynegar‚ who will make the AL All-star team at age 20.

And so, the Braves added to their roster a future star in 1974. Doesn’t always work out that way.