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When you are President  of the club you get to make the decisions. So, William Russell had had enough of Fred Lake and bought out his contract. Fred lasted one year.

His successor would fare no better. Maybe they needed a new President. None the less, Russell went to a familiar name to manage the team in 1911. Fred Tenney was brought on board. The team was also given a new name, the Rustlers. The name lasted just a year as well.

So, how did Fred do? 44-107. Finished eighth. 54 games behind.

But we ought to be fair to Fred. When offered the job, he turned it down. He had a very bad experience doing the same job in 1905-07.

His assessment. The club was “rotten”. And, no one argued. But Russell persuaded him to take the job anyway. He offered him some stock in the team. He also let him make some changes. Not good enough I guess.