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Fred Tenney

Fred Tenney

Fred Tenney played for the Braves when they were know as the Beaneaters, Doves and Rustlers (1894-1907, 1911).

He was a first baseman, outfielder, catcher and pitcher. Clearly very versatile.

He was born in Georgetown, Massachusetts on November 26, 1871 and passed away on July 3, 1952.

He batted and threw as a lefty.

He was truly one of the pioneers in the early years of the game. He was also an amazing first baseman. The Beaneaters great manager, Frank Selee had already won 3 pennants when he spotted Fred. In that day, he was a pretty rare prospect as a left handed catcher.

But Selee could spot talent and Tenney would help him win two more pennants and a place in history as the greatest team in the 1890’s.