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Warren Spahn - Milwaukee Braves

Warren Spahn – Milwaukee Braves

Buffalo NY has real winters. When you grow up there, you can’t play baseball year round. Spring and baseball means something come March and April. I am guessing none of this was lost on Warren Spahn .

He was born in Buffalo in 1921. His career started in New England with the Boston Braves in 1942. He was to spend his whole career, except one year, with the Braves both in Boston and Milwaukee.

His last year playing baseball (1965) he started out with the NY Mets and then move to the San Francisco Giants.

A couple of quick highlights about Warren:

  • He was a lefty and won 363 games. This is the most for a lefty.
  • He was the fifth winning-est pitcher ever.
  • He threw 2 no hitters.
  • He won 3 ERA titles
  • He appeared in 14 All-Star Games. That is the most of any pitcher in the 20th century.

The hard winters of Buffalo can produce men of great character. Warren Spahn grew up there.