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George Stallings

George Stallings

1919 was not a very good year for the Braves. They were in Boston playing at Braves Field. The attendance for the year was 167,401 (7th of 8). Not overwhelming fan support.

They had a 57-82 record, finishing 6th in the National League. George Stallings is the manager. This is not George’s best year since he won the World Series in 1914. One more year and he will be out. Always sad to see that.

When you look at their run totals, that kind of tells the story. They scored 465 runs and allowed 563 runs.

I like the year 1919. Not because of the Braves because they kind of stunk but because my dad was born on July 4th in 1919. Because of that, I enjoy poking around what was going on with the Braves that year.