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Bill McKechnie

Bill McKechnie

Bill McKechnie was the manager of the Boston Braves. It was 1932. They ended 13 games behind the leader. They finished fifth. Their record in 1932 was 77-77.

Pretty even in terms of wins and losses but not too good in terms of the standings. Of course, they had worse. They have been better. That is the great thing about such a long history like the Braves have.

They had acutally started very well that year. On the fourth of July, they were in second place. They had drawn a crowd of 47,123 on May 22. It was a doubleheader against Philadelphia. The rest of the league didn’t seem to strong at the time.

While it may seem weird to say it was a good season, it was the first season since 1921 that they didn’t have a losing record.

But …. they didn’t have a winning record either. They played it dead even.