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Atlanta Braves Ball Logo

Atlanta Braves Ball Logo

Great article about when was the best time to be an Atlanta/Milwaukee/Boston Braves fan by Matthew Kory. He uses a mathematical and statistical model to come up with the answer for each MLB team.

Check out 2 years. 1957 and 1995. I was 3 in 1957 and 31 in 1995.

The ’57 Milwaukee Braves were stacked. They led the league in runs scored, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering the lineup featured Eddie Mathews and MVP Hank Aaron, who hit a combined 76 home runs. Cy Young winner and future Hall of Famer Warren Spahn was the ace of the staff, though oddly it was Lew Burdette who started three World Series games against the Yankees and won all three, beating Whitey Ford, Don Larsen and Bobby Shantz.

Since the team moved to Atlanta in 1966, the system says the best time to be a Braves fan was 1995. That team won the World Series, Greg Maddux grabbed his fourth Cy Young award and the Braves basically gave up no runs at all that entire season.

Source: What was the best time to be a fan of every MLB team? | SportsonEarth.com : Matthew Kory Article.