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Jeff Francoer

Jeff Francoer

Coming back home can be tough particularly for a guy who has moved around a lot. “Frenchy” is an Atlanta native who played for the Braves from 2005 to 2009. Then NY Mets, Texas Rangers, KC Royals, SF Giants and now San Diego. Whew. That is a whole lot of moving around.

Jeff Francoeur, who played with the Braves, who played in the Braves outfield from 2005-09, re-appeared at Turner Field this weekend, this time as a member of the Padres. Francoeur remarks on how the first few years coming back to Atlanta left him uneasy, but now, it;’s all about nostalgia and memories.

via Braves Daily News Digest: 7/28 – Talking Chop.