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Boston Red Caps

Boston Red Caps

40-44 and sixth in the pennant race. It is 1880 and Harry Wright’s career as a manager is declining for sure. The Braves (then known as the Boston Red Caps) end up 27 games behind the leader. The glory years are over. It is done.

The Red Caps need new leadership. It isn’t forthcoming. They languish and suffer.

They end up sixth among eight teams. They didn’t even win half of their games. Not good at all.

1880 was the first time in their ten year history they didn’t have a winning season. They also suffered from being no hit for the first time. Larry Corcoran from Chicago held them to no hits on August 19 in a 6-0 game. It would take another 12 years for them to have a no hitter on the right side.

The decline was bad and would get worse.