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Charlie Grimm - Milwaukee Braves

Charlie Grimm – Milwaukee Braves

1955 brought continued improvement to the Milwaukee Braves. Maybe it was the move to Milwaukee. Maybe it was Charlie Grimm the manager. Maybe it was Hank Aaron bursting onto the scene.

Whatever it was, they ended up in second place that year with an 85-69 record. It was their third consecutive solid season. It wasn’t good enough to outpace the Dodgers who won their first 10 games and 22 of their first 24.

The Braves were second most of the season. Brooklyn continued to rise and actually clinched on September 8, a National League record for the 154 game season. Of course, injuries didn’t help them in 1955 either. Just like the year before.

But it probably didn’t matter. They couldn’t have caught the Dodgers under any circumstances.