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Bobby Cox - Manager - Atlanta Braves

Bobby Cox – Manager – Atlanta Braves

Bobby Cox began his 5th season in 1994 with the Atlanta Braves. The team started with huge promise. Unfortunately, they would end up disappointing us all.

Many had felt the Braves would win the World Series. It would have been their first since 1957. The prospect of Fred McGriff in the line up for the whole season gave us hope. When we won 13 of the first 14 games, oh man, did we think the promise would come true.

Of course no one could predict a couple of things about this season. Montreal seemed to come out of nowhere. Our pitching was inconsistent. It would have helped to have some timely hitting.

AND, playing 162 games might have helped but the players strike hit after 114 games. Atlanta was 6 games behind and when the players didn’t come back from the strike, we ended with a 68-46 record. If we had played the whole season, who knows?

Of course, in 1995, after the strike had been settled, the Braves did go on to win the World Series.